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Memoir Revision Workshop

Date & Time: Saturday, October 12 | 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Bangor Public Library
Maximum Attendees:
Member: $45 | Nonmember: $100
Registration Closes: October 7

Writing a memoir is hard. Revising a memoir is harder. As a writer digs deep into their trove of memories and personal history, how can they access the perspective of the audience in order to ensure that their story is clear and engaging?

During the revision process, memoir writers must consider more than structure and flow. Coherent timelines, vivid characterization, and alternative perspective-taking are also essential elements. Many writers confront one of the most challenging questions of memoir while revising: Is this story really mine to tell?

In this workshop, attendees will complete various individual and group exercises to explore several techniques for revision, identify the unique challenges presented by their own work, and create strategies for accessing emotional truth as they revise.